John Mattern is an eclectic multi instrumentalist, blending influences of folk, rock, country, jazz and blues into a style uniquely his own.  He was drawn into music as a sax player at 12 years of age, then got serious about it at 17 years old when he took up the 5 string banjo and bluegrass music.  He went on to study music seriously at Grove school of music and New England Conservatory, making jazz and classical saxophone his focus.  Over the past decade he revisited his roots.  Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Soul, Funk and Influences of Willie Nelson, Peter Gabriel, Merle Haggard, Beethoven, Townes Van Zandt, James McMurtry and Miles Davis are all a part of Mattern’s approach to writing songs.


In 2005 He put out a Jazz Quartet CD featuring his husky dark saxophone tone and homage to the early and modern greats.  The “Afrosano” CD (Buy it now) is a great straight ahead 60’s style record that is a welcome member of any ones hip music library.  Mattern always plays true to himself and is exploring his own territory. He is currently completing his debut album as leader of the John Mattern Quartet featuring some of the finest musicians on the west coast.


Mattern’s just released “Fire Girl” CD (Buy it now) is his visitation back to his roots.  Filled with his guitar playing that spans from Vince Gill to the Rolling Stones.  His pedal steel and slide guitar is rooted deep in the blues.  Then comes the banjo, piano and saxophone, this CD is a personal story based biography of all original music, telling stories of a musicians life growing up in the vineyards of rural Northern California.  He gives homage to his wife, partner and best friend, a fire fighter paramedic who inspired the title track “Fire Girl”.  This record is filled with deep private moments of reflection, to rowdy fun times driving his 1952 GMC down Old River Road.


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